Glazing Workshop

Level: All

Instructor:  Jo-Ann Law

Glazing is the grand finale of your work so make it stand-out! This workshop is designed for clay studio qualified members (have taken a 4+ week course at VCAC) who want to learn more about glazing. Workshop starts with a review of the basics and then delves into a range of techniques to try. Explore dip and paint, two dip glazing, learn what glazes play well with one another and which ones to use with caution. Learn about resists, oxides, and underglazes. Sessions are geared towards the group’s interests so bring your questions and ideas.

Students are to bring three to five bisque pieces to glaze that have been made and fired at the VCAC. 


Date Options:

Sept 6 (Tues) 5:30-8:30
Oct 15 (Sat) 9:30-12:30
Nov 17 (Thurs) 5:30-8:30

Members $36 | Non-Members $40

Book: Oct Book: Nov

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