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The Centre Gallery is a dedicated space for displaying the artwork of both emerging and established artists, and members of the Arts Council of the North Okanagan. If you are interested in showing and/or selling your artwork, check out the Artist Calls on our website.


Awakening the Spirit – Art Show & Sale, July 28 to August 22, 2022

The Canadian Mental Health Association presents the 19th Annual Awakening the Spirit Art Show & Sale. Art has a therapeutic quality that has proven to benefit the mental health of individuals. Awakening the Spirit highlights the works of local artists as they share their inspiring stories about recovery, healing, and hope. The show encourages candid conversations around mental illness and wellness and we encourage our community to visit the gallery and view the amazing collection of work. To view the show online, and read the artist’s stories, visit the CMHA website.


Dog Days of Summer – Art Show & Sale, July 1 to 25, 2022

The Dog Says of Summer is an artistic celebration of man’s best friend, with everything from pet portraits and 3D sculptures to functional artisan goods.  Dog-themed art classes have also be incorporated into the fun for those that wish to create. Donations of dog food welcomed, in support of local rescues and the Animal Food Bank.

Vernon Photography Club, June 2 to 27, 2022

The Vernon Photography Club present’s their Spring Exhibit, with a theme focused on the Flora and Fauna of BC.  The Image of the Fire Fighters by Bruce Borrowman was the exception. The picture was selected by The Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) to compete for Canada in a four nation photo competition between Australia, Canada, South Africa and new Zealand. Borrowman’s shot was chosen in the Open category and will be one of 80 images being sent from Canada.

Mugs of May, April 29 to May 31, 2022

A celebration of the humble mug, something that we all have in our possession.  Hundreds of functional ceramic mugs along with fabulous fine art pieces were created by local artists for this second annual show and sale.

Artists for the Earth, April to 25, 2022

Artists for the Earth® is a global campaign run by that encourages artists and arts organizations around the world to display works of art centered on the environment. Through public engagement, art has the power to reach people personally, establishing a deeper understanding and emotional connection with what is happening to our planet. For this exhibit, we invited members of the Arts Council of the North Okanagan to become Artists for the Earth® by showing us pieces that will inspire others to protect the earth, consider sustainability in their art practice, to use repurposed materials, and to help us celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd.

The Arts of March, March 3 to 28, 2022

The North Okanagan of Federation of Canadian artists presents “The Arts of March” – an annual juried show of fine art.  Special Acknowledgements:

Juve Furtado – 1st place for Late Arrival
Joann Little – 2nd place for Rail Trail Gratitude
Ann Crook- 3rd place for Trunk Road
Margaret McSweeny- Honourable Mention for Kin Beach
Kathy Munts – Honourable Mention for Team Support
Charley Hampton- Honourable mention for Revved Up Like A Deuce

The Art of Black and White, February 4 to 28, 2022

We invited artists to express their creative visions focusing on the visual power of black, white, and everything in between. Creating in black and white encourages the artist to concentrate on composition, value, lighting, and form, and to focus on the image or subject. It can also be a powerful way to express emotion or draw importance through symbolism.

Invigorated – A Collection of New Works, January 2022

January symbolizes the prospect of spring where the days gradually become lighter, and life is invigorated. It is also a New Year, a time for clean slates, fresh starts, new visions, and renewed energy. With that said, our first theme of 2022 is about giving life to the Centre Gallery and our art practices and invigorating both with a collection of NEW works.

The Masters Are My Muse, October 29 to November 22, 2021

Who is your artistic muse? This was the question posed to local artists for our final exhibit of the year. Artists were encouraged to explore the lives and works of master artists and artisans and use that insight to create their own original works. The muse offers an opportunity to learn about techniques or process while still providing the artist space to express their own individuality.

With Every Fibre Of My Being, October 1 to 25, 2021

“With Every Fibre of My Being” explored the use of fibrous materials to express one’s passions and deeply felt emotions. Paper, wool, silk, bark, and other fibers were the ground of this collection of work and were used to create two and three dimensional forms.

Two Exhibits! August 27 to September 6, 2021

Youth Artists Through the Pandemic
5 to 25: A Showcase of Youth Artists

These two exhibits showcase the work of Vernon’s most enthusiast and aspiring artists.  Youth Artists Through the Pandemic features the work of three students who participated in VCAC Youth Artist in Residence Program.  5 to 25 features a fabulous collection of work from our youngest members, ages 5 to 25. A show that will warm your heart and inspire you to create.

Enchanted:  A World of Fantasy

July 3 to 26, 2021

Enter into a world unlike your own, with over 80 pieces of original artwork!

Vernon Photography Club
June 2021

The Vernon Photography club presents “Best Lockdown Shots” – images taken in the year of a world pandemic.

Mugs of May 
May 2021

A celebration of the humble mug, something that we all have in our possession.  Hundreds of functional ceramic mugs along with fabulous fine art pieces were created by local artists and some of Vernon’s coffee shops got into the action with a friendly ‘battle of the baristas’, showing off their best latte art.

Playing with Light
April to May, 2021

The North Okanagan Federation of Canadian Artists presented artworks from over 30 artists in this exhibit, Playing with Light.

March of the Masks
March to April, 2021

Masks of glass, metal, paper, fibre and clay!  ACNO Artists were given a theme and interpreted it their own unique ways.  A special addition to this exhibit was work from feature artist, Bob Kingsmill!  Bob is known around the world for his sculptural clay masks.

Open Show – New Works
February to March 2021

An exhibit of new works by members of the Arts Council of the North Okanagan.

Creativity out of Chaos
January – February 2021

“Creativity is born from chaos, even if it is somewhat difficult to glimpse the possibilities in the midst of the confusion.” – Charles Handy

Chaos and disorder often promote a high level of innovative, unconventional and original creation of ideas and products. We asked members of the Arts Council of the North Okanagan how chaos has ignited their creativity and invited them to intepret the quote above into their artistic impression.

Animals in Art
October 2020

Animals have been a source of inspiration for many artists throughout the centuries. From the furry to the feathered, to wild and domestic, animals can be our companions or adversaries, that live in both rural and urban settings, and often reside in myths and legends. This exhibit helped us explore our relationship animals.

Finding JOY
August 21 to September 8

We wanted to see and experience what awakens people’s joy, laughter, happiness, and sense and fun and whimsy –  So, we asked our members to bring in pieces that fit the theme.

Awaking the Spirit – Art Show & Sale
July 24 to August 17

This show celebrates the creative talents of people living with mental illness. Through art and creativity, we hope to break down some of the barriers and stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness.

July 4-20, 2020: Art Through Isolation

When Covid-19 was announced a world pandemic, the Arts Centre closed and months of isolation began.  When we were able to safely re-open, we asked our members to bring in some of the pieces they created during this time. Here are just a few…

June 2020: Snowflakes on My Shoulder

CeramAIR Artist in Residence Ela’s Mukherjee’s work is about her journey living in Vernon. It portrays a transition from winter to the onset of spring, and ranges from stark geometry in monochrome to a wider color palette and more fluidity with the changing season.

March 2020: Creating Community – An Exhibit of Collaborative Art

This exhibit is especially unique as we challenged members to create artworks in collaboration with at least one other person.  Any mediums and styles of art were welcomed. We were delighted to see how people came together, and to hear their stories of the process that involved both triumph and tribulation.

February 2020:  Mixed Media and 3D

ACNO members were invited to submit mixed media pieces and or three-dimensional works.  To our delight, they brought in a large selection of mixed media paintings as well as glass work, metal art, clay sculptures, wood carvings and more.

November 2019:  North Okanagan Federation of Canadian Artists

October 2019:  Light

October 2019:  Process and Possibility (Instructor Showcase)

September 2019:  Youth Artists in Residence

Each year, the Arts Council of the North Okanagan supports a local youth in a residency at the Vernon Community Arts Centre.  This year, two youth were awarded the opportunity to utilize studio and have their own exhibit.

Darcie-Li Morrison is fascinated by graphic novels and animation because of the way their stories are told through art. Feeling inspired by these types of stories, Darcie-Li uses materials such as fineliners, markers, and pencil crayons to bring her ideas to life. She tends to create art that focuses on interesting characters but she does not like to limit herself to just
one subject.

Rebecca Fux focuses primarily on portraits of young women. Her favourite mediums are watercolour, drawing with graphite and acrylic painting. “For me, creating portraits is the most interesting” says Rebecca. “I love painting people that intrigue me, capturing their moods and personalities”. Her goal is to create beautiful portraits that embrace all forms of beauty and all kinds of people.

July 2019:  CMHA Awakening the Spirit

2019 was the second year that we hosted an exhibit the Canadian Mental Health Association.  For those with lived experience with mental illness, art creates a bridge to community, healing, and self expression.  The participants work inspires others and creates dialogue that helps remove the stigma and allows for open and honest communication.

June 2019:  Wearable Art/ Summer Solstice of the Arts

Art is not just a painting on the wall!  On June 21, the Arts Council hosted its first ever Summer Solstice of the Arts event at Paddle Wheel Park.  This gala dinner and fundraising event featured a fashion show of wearable art, live painting, music, and a static art show.  Members of the Arts Council were given an open invitation to submit their work to the Centre Gallery preceding the event which ranged from jewellery and accessories to full ensembles.  Here you will see some of the wearable arts that walked down the runway on the 21st.

May 2019:  Vernon Photography Club

This show offered a range of images while demonstrating a common interest in capturing nature inspired photos.   The Vernon Photography Club is an active, friendly group of photographers whose members range from beginners to experts, and hobbyists to working professionals.  Many of the photographers are also talented in the area of digital editing and enjoy using a range of print formats to showcase their work.  The Club meets at the Arts Centre on the second and fourth Thursday each month from September to June.

To learn more about the club, visit their website at:

April 2019: Breathing New Life

This show was all about Spring, and how it symbolizes promise, hope and new beginnings.  After hibernating for the winter, the season calls for an awakening, often starting with reflection and letting go. With this renewed energy comes growth, birth, new ideas and innovation.  ACNO members were invited to bring in new works that resonated with the season.

March 2019: Inspired by Earth and CeramAIR

Vernon Community Arts Centre hosted two exhibits in our Centre Gallery for the month of March.  “Inspired by Earth” was a collection of original artwork from members of the Arts Council of the North Okanagan, which included paintings and photography, ceramic wall art and even mixed media basket with fused glass.  We were also honoured to host our 2019 CeramAIR, Artist in Residence, Mona Lisa Ali, a Jordanian-American artist working in 3D.  Mona focused on using clay and hand-made materials requiring labour intensive processes to active spaces, allowing for rest and release.  CeramAIR is a partnership between Caetani Cultural Centre, the Vernon Community Arts Centre and the Arts Council of the North Okanagan.  Mona presented her full collection at the Caetani Cultural Centre on April 4th.  Most pieces were sold during the exhibit, however, she does have a few remaining pieces for sale at the VCAC Art Shop.

February 2019: Healing HeARTs

This exhibit was focused on our emotional relationship to art.  Doctors are now prescribing art classes and trips to the museums for their patients, so with this exhibit we wanted to demonstrate the importance of art interactions on the human psyche, our community, and our culture at large.  Artists explored their hand-heart connection and how the process of creating art impacts them on a personal level.  All artwork was submitted by members of the Arts Council of the North Okanagan.

December 2018 – Artsolutely

Every December at the VCAC is Artsolutely, the annual shopping extravaganza and fundraiser for the Vernon Community Arts Centre.  In 2018 we featured 28 of the North Okanagan’s finest Artists and Artisans, with an array of jewelry, glass art, fiber art, pottery, wood products, greeting cards, natural products, paintings, and so much more!  We thank all those who come out to shop local and support this important fundraiser for the Arts Centre!

November 2018:  Artistic Visions

The Okanagan Artists of Canada Society presented “Artistic Visions,” a show and sale of original fine art in a variety of mediums and styles.  The Okanagan Artists of Canada Society is a non-profit society art club whose membership is made up of talented and creative artists from the City of Vernon and surrounding areas. The OACS is one of the oldest art associations in BC and many of its alumni have become well known Canadian artists.

October 2018:  Diwali in Vernon Festival 

2018 welcomed the inaugural Diwali in Vernon Festival, so the Vernon Community Arts Centre chose to make this festival the theme for the Centre’s Gallery’s monthly exhibit.    Through a celebration of fusion art forms, members of the Arts Council of the North Okanagan submitted original artwork related to themes of Multiculturalism, Inclusiveness, Diversity, Light, Dance, Music, Storytelling, Fireworks, and Festive Colour.  A collection of lanterns were also on display, which were created by members of the public, members of the Arts Council, and staff of the Vernon Community Arts Centre.  We thank all who participated in this festival of lights, and look forward to growing this special event in the years to come.

September 14 – Sept 26, 2018:  Youth, Teen and Student Show

Youth creativity is what this show was all about!!  Our ACNO (Arts Council of the North Okanagan) members range from age 5 to their early 20’s, with students in kindergarten and university.  We celebrate these emerging artists and admire their diverse talents!

August 24 – September 12, 2018: Inspiring Creativity, an Instructor’s Showcase

This exhibit was dedicated to showcasing our instructors here at the VCAC (Vernon Community Arts Centre).  Our instructors displayed an array of works demonstrating their multitude of talents in various mediums, ranging from painting, print making and pottery, to glass art, jewellery, fabric art, sculpture, and mixed media.  Some instructors revealed hidden talents with new art forms, and many of those that stopped by to view the show were inspired and ready to sign up for fall classes!

July 27-August 22, 2018:  Okanagan Summer

Most of August at the Centre Gallery featured an open show, with art work created by members of the ACNO (Arts Council of the North Okanagan).  These works were created with a variety of mediums ranging from pencil crayon, water colour and acrylics, to tile, glass and fabric.  All pieces were inspired by our Okanagan Summers and displayed the range of landscapes and emotions that our summers evoke.

July 2018: Kalview Group of Painters

July at the Centre Gallery hosted a show by one of ACNO’s member groups, the Kalview Group of Painters.  Comprised of the students of Linda Edwards and Joan Rowan, this group featured a large display of brilliant watercolour paintings by 22 local artists.

June 2018: CMHA Awakening the Spirit Art

This month at the Centre Gallery was the 15th Annual Awakening the Spirit Art Show & Sale by the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Mental Illness Family Support Centre. Artwork on display was from those living with mental illness who have used art to positively improve their mental health. Thanks for inspiring us with your stories and amazing works of art!

May 2018: Vernon Photography Club

May at the Centre Gallery was all about photos and showcasing the incredible talent of the Vernon Photography Club.

March 2018: Abstract

This month at the Centre Gallery we encouraged our members to submit artwork with the theme of ABSTRACT! As always, we received many amazing entries from talented local artists.

January 2018: Open Members’ Show

To help ring in the New Year at the Centre Gallery we left the theme wide open and encouraged our members to submit any work of their choice! As always, we received many amazing entries from talented local artists.

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