Barry Rafuse

Barry Rafuse likes to paint pictures which leave something for the viewer´s imagination. He is attracted to nature and often his paintings reflect a mood. Barry is facinated by the forces of nature – the power of a thunderstorm, the ravages of the waves, the shimmer of wind on the grasses or the magic of sunrays. “My challenge is to capture this drama in paint”.

Artist Statement:

When I commence a painting, I am never sure how it will end up. I like to “smarm” on the gels and splash on the paint and watch the piece evolve. It is this process of creativity which challenges and excites me.  I like using strong, bold colors and of late, I have been moving more toward abstraction. I have always been attracted to nature’s designs and landforms influence my work.

I use large brushes to keep myself from getting too detailed. Oil sticks and oil pastel crayons help me to stay loose. I strive for an energetic look-something with boldness and motion. It a painting becomes too realistic or “pretty”, I search for ways to loosen it. I like to combine materials because there is the added challenge of matering medias. I prefer large sufaces to paint on because they allow me to be aggressive and spontaneous.

Painting is a great outlet for me. I like being creative and I welcome the challenge of working through technical difficulties. There is a great sense of accomplishment when I am satisfied with the completed painting.

Hours of Operation

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  • Vernon Community Arts Centre
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