Creative Expressions: Finding Your Voice Through Mark Making

Level: All

Instructor: Marlene Lowden (Click for Bio)

An in-depth five-day workshop designed to help participants explore the expressive possibilities of mark-making in abstract art. Through engaging activities and insightful discussions, attendees will immerse themselves in color theory, composition, and the use of design elements to cultivate their unique artistic voice. The workshop emphasizes mark-making techniques with acrylic paint, though participants are welcome to use oils during free painting sessions. Key topics include color theory, composition, and the application of the seven elements and principles of design in abstract art.

Students should bring: a sketchbook: mixed media  8.5” x 11” or larger, newsprint paper pad, 1-2 canvases (at least 24” on one side), acrylic paint: black, cyan blue, primary yellow, naphthol red medium, primary magenta, white (Amsterdam brand recommended), palette knife (approx. 1.5” wide at the base), 3 brushes: 1 round (size 6 or 8), 1 flat (size 8 or 12), 1 hardware store brush (1” to 2”), markers, crayons, or pencil crayons, pencil, thin black marker (e.g., Posca), green painters tape, rags, palette (butcher tray or paper plates), glue stick, scissors, painting clothes and shoes.

Optional: Favourite painting tools, gloves, water bottle


August 12 to 16
Monday to Friday, 9:30-3:30

Members $652.50 | Non-Members $725

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