Life Drawing with a Model

with Tina Siddiqui

Life Drawing with a Model

Level: All Levels

The primary focus of this course is to eliminate the fear of drawing a live model and to enjoy the process using the creative energy that comes from the model. Session includes tips to train the eye to see the form, pose, structure, proportions and the importance of using non dominant hand for dynamic lines.

The lesson will start with gesture drawings to establish the form of the figure with very few lines. Shorter poses will follow to capture more details and then we will move to long poses.

Supplies needed: Newsprint paper, few sticks of Willow Charcoal, black, white and brown conte, putty eraser. If you prefer to use colour, feel free to bring along pastels (chalk or oil), pastel pencils, pencil crayons, markers.

Non-Member Price: $80
Member Price: $65

This event finished on 10 August 2017