Collage and Mixed Media

with AJ Jaeger

Collage and Mixed Media

Level: All

This mixed media class is for the beginner as well for the advanced artist.  It is all about allowing yourself to be free to experiment in mixed media/acrylics. We will be using gels, resists, stencils, photo-transfers, inks, and fluid and heavy body acrylics. Students will also incorporate memorabilia and found objects on wooden cradle panels, canvas, board and paper. The goal is maybe not your masterpiece, but an addition to it.

Saturday & Sunday, January 26 & 27   9:30am-3:30pm

Members $155   Non Members $170

Supplies: Bring what you have, don’t go overboard to purchase materials. Usually we share with each other and we may not use all of it.

Things you should bring:

  • Substrates like:1 or 2 canvas (could be used, old or cheap one from Scattered Goods), watercolor paper (could be like old ‘duds’ with paints on it);
  • 2 containers for water, palette, spray-bottle with water, old rags or towels, white tissue, rice paper and/or art paper from Opus, (please don’t bring cheap colored tissue, as the colors bleed;
  • anything you can make marks or texture with, like feathers, stamps, rocks, stencils (if you have some), plastic doilies, scraper, saran wrap / wax paper, paper towels or blue shop towels, scissors, etc.;
  • acrylic paints, liquid ones are best (I prefer GOLDEN fluids, and suggest three basic colors like quinacridone nickel azo gold, payne’s grey (is a blue), transparent red oxide) or any other colors you might have already;
  • matte medium (any brand will do, as it will be used as adhesive);
  • brushes (some flat wider ones, least an inch, some rounds, nothing too valuable), gesso, molding paste, hairdryer
  • photos, magazine cut outs, photocopies or interesting subjects, or flat found objects
  • notepad/ pen/ pencil for your personal notes.

Things you might want to bring, if you have them:

  • oil-pastels, white chalk, acrylic inks, black Chinese ink, watercolor pencils
  • blender-pen (can be bought at Opus, I find that ‘chartpak’ works the best), rubbing alcohol
  • gels (if you have any)

Most of all bring a worry-free and exploratory mind!  Be brave and try something new!

To register, call 250-542-6243 or drop by the Arts Centre today!


This event finished on 27 January 2019